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Loopslice Studios is a graphic design studio based in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. We can help you with


Logo & brand identity design, Brand consulting, Digital Marketing, Digital graphics, and Print Design 


It is my passion to work with artists, product designers and creative business owners. I help you to get a better grip on your left brain and brand strategies so that you can gain the insights and skills to drive your business forward with confidence and so free up more time without anxiety – for the right side!


As creatives, knowing where to start marketing yourself can be a daunting task. I will help you find better solutions by asking the right branding questions, think out of the box and learn to master some basic admin skills that will ease the way to optimise your digital presence online.

Range of Services

Logos & Brand Design

Logo and full brand design, plus graphic design of all print, digital, marketing and advertising elements. Together we’ll brainstorm to create designs and campaigns to boost your company image to a higher level.

Online Footprint

WordPress website design, including social media and website graphics. Set up of an online shop, copy writing, blog creation or SEO services. This all helps you to reach a wider audience with your unique brand story.


Book cover design as well as book layout design of novels, non-fiction, coffee table books, training manuals, etc. I’ll help you create a professional looking publication to make that first impression count.

Specialist Services

Unique icons, patterns and illustrations to help your brand pop. I also do packaging design such as wine label design, product packaging or gift items. Other services include 3D logos and product packaging.

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Why pick Loopslice?

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I am inspired by all things around me! Design, art, architecture, technology, music, nature, animals, people…and stillness. I love designing images for my clients that are beautiful and colourful, yet timeless and effectively hit the mark.



I have a genuine interest in people. Finding the essence of each client is important to me. I listen to what they want for their business. Find out who they are as people. Then translate that into designs that are unique to them.

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I love to explore all possibilities; stay ahead of market trends – without compromising timelessness. Learning new skills are important to me. What I don’t know I will find out, figure out, source out. So you always get the best results!



My clients are important to me. So is my reputation. Delivering high-quality products, on time, to brief, within budget – every time – is of the essence! I like to inform and inspire by going the extra mile to satisfy my customers.

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