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LoopsliceStudios; graphic design; brand consulting; artists
LoopsliceStudios; graphic design; brand consulting; artists

I recently did a brand consulting project with Kommetjie printmaking artist and teacher, Noeleen Kleve who wanted help to update her website and find new ways to promote her business.


I guided her through a branding exercise, assessed her website needs and discussed ways to make her business work for her in a more optimal way, to help her find renewed energy, get more exposure and grow her mailing list. See some of her beautiful art showcased here and visit her website noeleenkleve.co.za for more about her and her works.

I will let Noeleen’s very generous testimonial (below) tell you more about how going through this process, can help you brand your business more effectively.

I recently had the pleasure of engaging Loopslice Studios for advice on adding value to my artist’s practice. After an initial consultation with Lerié Yell, we decided to look at three critical points which I felt needed attention, with the fourth suggestion from Lerié which has had a long-lasting positive impact on how I approach my work.


Firstly, I was guided through an evaluative analysis of who my target market really is. As fundamental as this is, it was something (incredibly) that I’d never really properly engaged with!

Lerié helped me to really examine the who, what and why of my art-making.


We then discussed working ‘smart not hard’ and where it would make most business sense to focus my time and attention. My practice embraces both art-making for exhibiting as well as teaching through classes and workshops. It’s a busy work-life where I need my time to be rewarded sufficiently to make it sustainable. Lerié’s objective questioning and direction of the process yielded enlightening results and we soon resolved new ways to move forward towards the desired outcome, without losing sight of my original reasons for embarking on this path.

Having done this, we set about a full redesign of my website. This was a far more involved project than I’d anticipated, but Lerié was incredibly professional in setting the site up. She assisted me efficiently with both the design and functionality of the contemporary type of website I would need for my business. I found her to be extremely helpful and proficient, solving even back-end issues and educating me on the many SEO necessities which enable one’s business to be easily discovered via Google searches, and which up until that point I admit, I had been completely ignorant of. I am extremely happy with my new website and it’s functionality meets all my requirements. Testimony to this is the many queries and responses I’ve had since launching the new site. Having been shown the ropes, I’m also able to update the site myself, which is essential to keeping it current.
The fourth service as mentioned earlier was an Enneagram ‘test, a type of personal psychometric questionnaire in which Lerié is well-versed. I was fascinated with the outcomes, which she skillfully and respectfully guided me through, offering further reading matter should I be interested. This last interaction has given me renewed confidence and understanding of my own work ethic and personal idiosyncrasies. I would personally recommend it in addition to the highly professional and personal service that I received from Loopslice Studios.


Noeleen Kleve

It is my mission to support mid-career artists with business growth strategies, website design or redesign, digital marketing solutions, graphic design services, as well as personal development tools (for those who want to dig deeper) so that you can become more confident in yourself and remember your reasons for doing what you do best.



I’d love to be of service to you!



Marketing is a scourge for most business owners, but even more so for artists because “marketing your business” as an artist, really implies marketing yourself and… who is comfortable doing that, right?!


However, an even greater obstacle for artists is to start thinking of themself as business owners. This is where I can step in to take the pressure off the “where to start or what to do?” questions.


Sometimes all it takes is to ask better questions. Have someone to bounce your ideas off. Have someone to give a fresh perspective and other creative input, and do some of the technical legwork for you.

Showcased here, are a few images of my own artworks, part of a journey I have had to stop for too many years now. My desire to get back to this love of mine – a core part of my being – is part of my reason for doing what I do for fellow artists.