Truth about design deadlines

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Truth about design deadlines

Want to know the truth about design deadlines? Too often we have this request: Can you give me a quote to design a company profile with infographics and quote on printing 1000 copies? Oh, and by the way, I need it yesterday.

Dear client, I would love to help you. But I wonder, is it possible to build a house by folding the paper the plan is printed on? Most importantly, will it be liveable or last?

Allow me to run you through the process. Designing a company profile that will make a lasting impression and attract new business to your company, is no different from building a beautiful home you will be proud to show off and pass on to your children.

First, there is the planning phase. What style of home do you like? Do you want it to be single or double-storey with how many bedrooms? Do you want a brick home with plastered and painted walls? What colours would you like? Or do you want a timber home with a rustic look? Will you do the decorating yourself or would you need us to supply specialist services, much like infographics?

Next comes the research phase. Gathering the information, quantities and structure to do the costing. Will we use ready-made graphics like standard bathroom supplies? Will we do special paint effects or illustrations? And if so, what style will we follow?

After all that is finalised, which can take a day or two or more, comes the doing phase. Even here there is a process to follow. The layout, like the foundation, must be done and approved, before the gaps can be filled in with all the details collected along the way. This could take two to three weeks, depending on the size of the house and intricacies involved. Including of course the interim inspection and feedback by you, the client. The client, of course, could imply a husband, wife and extended family.

At this stage, we could send a blueprint to the printers for a quotation. Another day or three. No sweat! This is the perfect time to make any final changes and finetune all the luxury details. Finally, we are ready to go to print.

But wait, you can’t move in before the paint is dry! It will spoil the total look and feel. Not to mention your future experience. Who wants to live in a house with toxic fumes or possibly risk more costs?

All in all, what is three to four weeks in the bigger scheme of things? Especially if you want to attract attention and gain rewards!