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Behind the Scenes

Owner & Lead designer

Lerié Yell

Started LoopSlice Studios based in Cape Town, in 2007 as a freelance graphic designer. Over the last number of years, she’s built up a stronger client base by collaborating with other agencies and designers to now offer you a wide range of services. Together we bring you 25+ years’ experience in a cross-section of fields including illustration, web development, retail shopping, marketing consulting, animation, as well as 3D design.


We are inspired by getting to know our clients and by listening to what you need. We form long-standing client relationships because we thrive on creating innovative designs and delivering reliable services. Enabling you to stay relevant and grow your business in this fast-paced, ever-changing world. Our aim is to add value and impact through providing eye-catching graphic elements for all your print and digital needs. Our services also include copy writing, SEO marketing, website design and product packaging – from label design & development to 3D packaging design.

We stay on top of business design trends and digitalisation by improving our offering on an on-going basis. Learning new skills is somewhat of an obsession. We draw inspiration from a love of all things design and a curiosity in everything around us – to bring your ideas to life.


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