Well, I am an artist at heart and passionate about empowering other creatives

At the end of 2001, I exchanged my corporate career in Jozie to start up Vindigo, a wine, art and décor shop – with a successful small bespoke gallery – in the small town of Napier. In the 3 years that I owned the gallery, I sold art to the value of R180000 for the hand-picked artists I worked with. See images of Vindigo gallery below.


Artists like Sarah Danes-Jarrett (who started off doing still life paintings), Karen Henstra (then doing colourful pastel drawings) and Richard Scott’s miniature cherry trees, exhibited some of their very first works in my Gallery. I remember saying to Sarah “…you, are going to do very well one day!”


I owned my own sculpting studio for 3 years and so am totally familiar with the highs and lows of being an artist. See some of my own work below.


My approach to design is based both in the structure of many years’ experience in the corporate world, my practice as sculptor and artist and my love for all things creative.


I am inspired to help artists to find the tools, both in business and in personal development, to help themselves become more prosperous in doing what they love and do best.

LeriéYell, Loopslice Studios

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