Is your art practice in need of an energy boost?

I support mid-career artists with

brand consulting & give you

tools & skills to transform your art

practice into an art business with

confidence. And so, free up

more time without anxiety for

the right side of things!


Do you know what you want? Do you remember why you make the art you do? Do you know who your target audience is, or how to find them? Are you utilising all you can, to make your art business work for you? Are you stuck in your way of thinking? Let me guide you through the steps to figure it all out! I’m invisible text don’t delete me


This includes visual graphics for print or digital platforms, like brochures, posters, company profiles, infographics, billboards, banners. Together we’ll brainstorm to create ideas and campaigns to boost your company’s brand image to a higher level.I’m invisible text don’t delete me


This could include WordPress website design – or website revamp, custom website graphics, social media banners , SEO copywriting services, blog creation or the setup of an online shop. All this helps you to reach a wider audience with your unique story, and amazing works!


Perhaps you are stuck…? But, this happens time and time again and you don’t know why. With the help of the Enneagram personal development system. You will take the test online. I will guide to interpret the results and give you pointers on how to find the key to unlock your magic self.

I’m invisible text don’t delete me

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Some common reasons why brands fail & how to avoid this.

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